Let’s make ride-hailing fair again! 

We believe that smart mobility solutions can help benefit our passengers, drivers, and the environment!

Ride-hailing app built just for you


Swiss startup

Vertt is a Swiss ride-hailing startup, on a mission to provide the most reliable, secure and simple service for both our partner-drivers and passengers

More than just technology

We’ve built Vertt on the latest micro-services technology architecture that provides reliability for all users. But beyond the technology, we’ve tailored Vertt to suit your commuting needs.

Hey, we are local! 

The most important thing for us is investing in our community. We are near you, so you can visit us whenever you want and tell us how we can improve the service for you.
No matter how far you want to go, we will take you there!
Made for you
No matter the time and location, Vertt will be at your service with the most accurate door to door transportation.
Loved by our partner-drivers 
We care about our drivers and let them take care of our passengers. Due to having perfectly selected drivers that go through a screening process after providing driver’s license, personal information, and a BPT 121 (Taxi) license, the passengers are in the best hands possible.
With you all the way
We are local, and we are proud to support 24/7 you in your language (German, French, Italian, English).
Security is our priority
The communication between passengers and drivers in going directly through Vertt app. Your phone number is anonymized, and your personal information is safe with us.
Our vision is to become one-stop mobility solution for all of your transportation needs!
Let’s talk about the future 
Vertt is a Swiss Startup with a vision to utilize the latest technology trends towards shortening the transportation cycle and helping people improve their everyday life with simplified and secure mobility.
Everyone is welcome 
We prioritize the trust that we receive from our users and our efforts to put people and their safety first. We aspire to become the most reliable provider of accurate door-to-door transportation! Everyone is welcome on our platform, and we care for everyone equally. Both our passengers and drivers are placed at the top of our pyramid.